Reader Reviews of The Adventures of Dan and Tina

Enduring and Recovering from Narcissisic AbuseThis Author had a lot to Teach Me – Amazon Buyer, Hrat

“Absolutely stunning narrative of how the core desire to be a decent person and a “nice guy” can go completely off the rails. I am extremely grateful that he took the time to make this available.”

A Masterpiece for Men, A Game Changer – Reviewer, Rene Vorland

Dan McGrath’s writing brilliance shines in The Adventures of Dan and Tina, his introduction to narcissistic abuse and recovery. I think it’s a masterpiece for men. The story is true and quite an adventure to read. You’ll go over the river and through the woods in this page-turner about Dan and Tina’s love escapades and, Dan’s abuse, unfortunately…

As Dan states, most NPD abuse survivor stories are written by women for women. I was glad to see him ditch the man code and tell his truth, which other men can relate to and find healing. If a man (or woman) in your life is struggling with the dynamics Dan revealed, this book might help bring clarity to what could be unspoken about a silent issue, domestic abuse. That’s why I give Dan McGrath’s book, The Adventures of Dan and Tina, Enduring and Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse a 5. I believe it can be a game-changer.

Really Really Good – Reader, E Sizmarick

“This book was really well written, obviously by someone who has been in a relationship with a real narcissist. Super interesting and compelling, this crazy tale will keep you astonished and guessing. It’s wild.”

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