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Narcissist Abuse Support

What the heck just happened?

Horrific lies? Confusion? You are not alone… and you are not crazy!
You might have been in a relationship with a narcissist or other type of emotional abuser. For now, forget trying to learn what label they were narcissist or sociopath because much of the data is the same. Just focus on your survival right now because your world is probably upside down.

Are you confused at the way a relationship ended? The “Grand Finale” is a term that reflects the common factor in the unmasking of a con-artist called a narcissist. Disorientation lurks in the beginning of this “discard”, because you will soon learn that everything was fake. Spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, co-workers, church members, parents and children can suffer a mental illness that makes them unable to have empathy, and they are pathological liars. They often lead false lives in order to suck like a vampire from what is called a “supply”. They have huge egos and do not like to be challenged or caught in a lie, if you do catch them – be careful they are very dangerous. They will do anything to take you go down.

Narcissist Abuse Support a website that pulls it all together to help you understand and become educated so that you can help yourself

Unraveling PTSD After Narcissistic Abuse

Given that psychological abusers minimize and dismiss your emotions, it’s quite common in this process to think “This is stupid” or “I’m making this all up” or “I’m actually to blame”. In fact, you might notice a lot of your healing has been done from the mindset of “What’s wrong with me?”. Again, just include these in your kind awareness. It won’t be easy at first, because these anxieties and doubts have been etched deeply in your thinking. But as you embrace these thoughts every day, the awareness will grow stronger.

Narcissisms by Jon Rhodes

Narcissists have a lot of predictable behavioral patterns. Once you learn them, you can recognize them. And you can work out what they’re up to, and why. It’s not that complicated. A little knowledge in this area can go a long way.

I promise you, if you have narcissists in your life, and you learn about them, you’ll be FAR more empowered. And it’ll make a MASSIVE positive impact to your life.

Covert Salad (video)

If you find this blog helpful, check out the reviews on the book!
The Adventures of Dan and Tina - Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

"Powerful. Truthful. Enlightening!"
"A game changer."
"Sometimes hard to read and also hard to put down!"
"We are not alone and we can move on."
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How Covert Narcissists use “Word Salad” as a Tactic

Word Manipulations (video series)

In this 10-part series, we dive into the ways in which narcissists and other abusers manipulate their targets with words. Episode 1 deals with confusion.

Why Narcissists Disappear (video)

Hint: It’s not just the silent treatment
Learn what the real truth about what the narcissist is up to during their Silent Treatments (and ghosting).

 Narcissists – Lies they tell and the Secrets they Keep (video)

The Narcissist in your life – employing very specific techniques of psychological manipulation – lies in your face while keeping hidden secrets that would literally bring you to your knees. In this video, I map out the four most common lies of narcissistic spouses, fiancés, and partners of varying degrees of intimacy – and the secrets they’re keeping from you.

Long Term Narcissistic Abuse can Cause Brain Damage

“…The brain’s production of new neurons and laying down connections to others takes place in the hippocampus.” (Goleman, 2006, p. 273). Goleman also stated, “The hippocampus is especially vulnerable to ongoing emotional distress, because of the damaging effects of cortisol” (p. 273). When the body endures ongoing stress, cortisol affects the rate at which neurons are either added or subtracted from the hippocampus. This can have grave results on learning. When the neurons are attacked by cortisol, the hippocampus loses neurons and is reduced in size. In fact, duration of stress is almost as destructive as extreme stress. Goleman explained, “Cortisol stimulates the amygdala while it impairs the hippocampus, forcing our attention onto the emotions we feel, while restricting our ability to take in new information”

Books About Narcissistic Abuse from Amazon

Best Online Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Resources

Help for victims of narcissistic abuse – A curated collection of the best resources on the internet for victims of narcissistic abuse. Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome, PTSD and C-PTSD are serious conditions that can be debilitating, but a lot of help is available and recovery is in reach!

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