A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Manipulate – A Book Review

Michael Sunset’s book, A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Manipulate is a raw memoir relating how he was systematically manipulated by his ex-wife, her father and his own mother and sister to believe he had a mental illness. It’s a classic tale of gaslighting, reminiscent of the namesake film Gas Light that spawned the psychological term. His ex-wife deftly manipulated mental health professionals, his family and the family court system to gain control of their finances and daughter during a cataclysmic divorce.

This is a book that anyone facing divorce from a cluster B disordered person should read because the author doesn’t just recount the horrific experience, but also explains how to defend against it.

I was drawn to this book because, like my own story, it’s a somewhat rare male perspective on narcissistic abuse told in a narrative form.

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The Adventures of Dan and Tina - Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

"Powerful. Truthful. Enlightening!"
"A Wild Ride."
"Sometimes hard to read and also hard to -put down!"
"We are not alone and we can move on."
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It felt apparent the story was written while fresh in a mind still wrestling to come to grips with events and the mal-adapted psychology that drove them.

The crazy-making Michael endured and the desperation he experienced really comes through in this quick-paced, personal, yet too familiar story.

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