Things Cheaters Say

If your significant other ever says something like “if you accuse me of cheating, you’re going to make me do it,” I guarantee all of the following is true:

1. Break up and leave immediately. Your gut was right.
2. That person has no morals
3. That person has already cheated on you.
4. That person is definitely already planning to do it again.
5. That person is so malevolent that they are actually threatening you with infidelity to obtain your silence.
6. That person is so depraved that he or she is already planning to place the blame for infidelity on YOU when she eventually gets caught with her pants down.

That’s a thought for the 3rd anniversary of the 1st time I got down on one knee for my own lying manipulative cheater.

When a cheater lies to you, it’s a deliberate attempt to rob you of free will and keep you in a situation you wouldn’t choose for yourself. If you knew what she was doing, you’d make other decisions that might negatively impact the liar. Maybe you wouldn’t buy her things or provide that vital narcissistic supply. The lies are meant keep you under control under false pretenses and if it goes on too long it’s extremely damaging, but the liar doesn’t care who she hurts. Everyone else’s feelings are inconsequential compared to the narcissist’s own id-driven selfish desires.

That’s all for now. I’ll add to this later.

If your love interest often touts their fidelity, saying things like, “I’ve never cheated on anyone, ever,” That person is a cheater and more than likely all of his or her absolute statements are absolutely the opposite of the truth.

Narcissistic cheaters give themselves away if you’re paying attention. When something seems off, pay heed!

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