Male Victims on Isolated: Men can be victims, too.

Isolated Podcast: Men can be Victims, Too

| Isolated podcast: Bringing to Light Male Victims of Domestic Abuse – Men can be Victims, Too! |

The Adventures of Dan and Tina book and blog were featured in an interview with author Dan McGrath on the Isolated Podcast. Check it out and learn more about male victims of abuse with multiple podcast episodes examining different cases and elements of abuse.

According to Isolated, it is estimated that 4 out of 10 men are abused by a domestic partner, and this constitutes only the 10% of reported cases. The stereotype that men are abusers and women are victims is false and dangerous, they say. The podcast creator lost her own brother to suicide in 2020, after suffering prolonged abuse by a romantic partner. She exhorts other men, “Don’t be next. Get help.”

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Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

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Isolated maintains that abused men are alarmingly underserved and resources for help are minimal. They note that men are often disbelieved or humiliated if they attempt to report their abuse and feel completely isolated and alone.

Isolated seeks to bring awareness and provide resources for help.

Isolated Podcast

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