After a long night of heavy drinking, I’d spent the night at my friend Donovan’s down in Farmington. I awoke in the afternoon, still feeling the effect of the prior night’s revelry, but the blonde I’d met at Pizza Man the night before was my first thought upon waking.

“What was that girl’s name I was talking with last night, again?” I asked Donovan, who was already up and playing a video game.

“Tina,” he said.

“Of course it is,” I said, scanning through the contacts in my phone. Tina Szydlowski. The smart, cute polish girl who liked to read. Her number was right where she’d left it in my contacts. I decided to wait a day, then texted, “It was fun meeting you on Friday night. When would you like me to show you around Minneapolis?”

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Alas, there was no response.

Days went by and I didn’t hear back from Tina. I figured she wasn’t really all that interested, and wrote her off as I carried on with my daily life.

I was home, laying in bed, getting ready for sleep on a Monday night, checking email on my phone in the dark, when it buzzed in my hands. A text message arrived.

“It’s 11 O’clock on a Monday night, 8 days after we met… I’ve been thinking about you since that handshake, and I really would like to meet up with you sometime (if, of course, you’re still interested). After the 4th sometime?”

I was surprised and delighted. I hadn’t expected to hear back from Tina by that point.

“Nope. You ignored me… Bored now,” I replied.

I waited a beat, then followed up with “Ahhh… I’m kidding of course. You were too fun to ignore.”

“Anyone bored wouldn’t respond so quickly,” she quipped moments later.

“It would probably have to be after July 13th,” I wrote, considering my social obligations. Even though we were divorced, I was planning a birthday party for Jessica the weekend of the 10th. My Mom’s birthday was the day after. “But, I’d feel privileged to show you a good time on the town, my style.”

“Besides, I’ve been told I’m kinda cute. After the 13th sounds good. Your style? Hmmm…”

Not to seem overeager, I replied, “It just so happened that the phone was on hand, but I wouldn’t argue with anyone who said you’re kinda cute. ‘Kinda’ cute might be an insult actually.” I conjured a fuzzy memory of her appearance in my mind. “I’d argue you’re very cute.”

Her reply was rapid.  “You’re not exactly hard on the eyes, either. Bedtime for me. Sleep sweet!”

I was pretty excited and feeling flattered. It feels pretty damn good to have an attractive young lady compliment your looks. I went to sleep feeling quite contented after mapping out a few ideas in my mind of what sights to show Tina.

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