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The Adventures of Dan and Tina Book CoverJust released: The Adventures of Dan and Tina, a new book about narcissistic abuse.

Tina has a personality disorder and Dan was codependent. Yes, narcissistic abuse hurts men, too.

Being in a relationship with a cluster B personality disordered person can leave you feeling lost, broken, confused, humiliated and even hopeless. What may have seemed like magic in the beginning might have turned into a debilitating curse.

Fortunately, recovery is entirely achievable and there are some things you can start doing right now to speed that recovery along.

This brand new book about narcissistic abuse explores the manic ups and devastating downs of a real relationship with a female “covert” or vulnerable narcissist and how I went about restoring myself into a happy and functional person.

On Amazon Kindle for Just $9.99: The Adventures of Dan and Tina – Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse. Also available in paperback for $16.35.

Review it! After obtaining your copy of the Adventures of Dan and Tina, please leave a rating and/or review on Amazon to help others find my book. I’d also appreciate any feedback you’d like to provide to me directly. Click here to send a message to the author.

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