The men from Eritrea

July 29th, 2015 Merlin’s Rest was long a favorite haunt of mine, especially in my heavy drinking days. It was a British Isles pub that featured a tremendous selection of whiskeys (and whiskys for those who enjoy a peaty scotch). I’d become acquainted with a number of regulars there over the years. One such was an east-African man named Abraham.

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The California Caper

After Tina returned from her extended stay at the Nategate Hotel, she told me some things. First, after some tears and apologies for “being away from me” she told me that a big part of the reason she stayed those three nights with Nate was that she was binge drinking and didn’t want me to see it. She said further

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It’s Tina’s birthday as I write. The last one of her twenties and the first one since I’ve known her when I don’t have a gift for her. The first time, I bought her an antique jewelry box and took her out for a night on the town at some of the best, most expensive places I know in Minneapolis.

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She Tells me Everything… Oh, I Don’t ask About That

It’s always bothered me how the media just lazily tacks “gate” onto the end of some pertinent word to denote a government scandal. Watergate (the first “gate” scandal) was the name of a hotel. The Nixonian scandal involved a break in at DNC offices at the Watergate Hotel, so it was the “Watergate Scandal.” “gate” has nothing to do with

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Unsent Messages

After Tina and I broke up and I went to Miami to see a friend and try to get out of the deep depression I was in. While wandering down a beach front lane the night I arrived, Scott started inexplicably and belligerently texting me. It was strange and upsetting. “I hear you have a problem with me?” He wrote

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To the Ex Neighbors

Dear former neighbors, Everything is just water under the bridge now, and I’m happy to make a couple new friends! Oh, and don’t worry. It should go without saying, but if we do get together and hang out I won’t try to perform anything on or for either of you. Just saying. Your new friend,Dan

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