To the Ex Neighbors

Dear former neighbors, Everything is just water under the bridge now, and I’m happy to make a couple new friends! Oh, and don’t worry. It should go without saying, but if we do get together and hang out I won’t try to perform anything on or for either of you. Just saying. Your new friend,Dan

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Learning What Hate Means

I thought I understood what hate was. I’d used the word – probably numerous times, to describe a someone I disliked, who angered me or perhaps a person I just found particularly disagreeable. “God, I hate that guy,” I can remember saying more than once. I had no idea what I was saying. I had no idea what hatred really

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Wedding Barn

One Wedding Accomplished, one Averted

It was morning the 4th of July and according to what I’d been told, Tina and Nate should have been getting on their way from Amber’s house to the wedding. That wasn’t exactly what was happening, but it’s what I was meant to believe. In truth, Tina had spent the night alone with Nate in his hotel room and would

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July 3rd was the day before Tina was supposed to be Nate’s date to his brother’s wedding. I hadn’t realized when I was asked about her going that it would ruin Independence Day for us, but, Nate and Tina would have fewer opportunities to see each other with him in California, so I tried not to let that bother me.

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Well, if it isn’t Doug (again)!

About three months after I moved out, I drove past Tina’s on my way to the storage locker I had unfortunately located in Farmington. I happened to notice a familiar, hooded dirtbag puffing a smoke out on the driveway. Go figure. Tina’s barn-banging fuck buddy is already coming around, I thought. Douglas. her mom’s sort-of-boyfriend’s son had recently earned himself

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Disinfecting with Sunshine

When I first thought to write about the adventures of Dan and Tina, I’d thought it would be a mostly humorous endeavor, with anecdotes from the often strange and amusing experiences we’d shared. In fact, we’d often talked about it, saying “that’s going in the book,” when something memorable, outrageous or funny would happen. There remain humorous memories to relate

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Photos Collage

Photo Meltdown

| Social Media Quirks are Common with Narcissists | In the early days of our relationship, when Tina was claiming not to have a Facebook account (she did), she had no qualms about any photos I might want to post of her and I on my Facebook wall. I had quite a collection of our adventures together going. I didn’t

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