Smoking Crack

Crack and Crime in Farmington

| March 16th, 2016 | I was excited to discover a pool hall in Farmington. Scott’s was still Tina’s home away from home, so it was a convenient spot for an occasional date. It was a dive as pool halls go, but we’d gone there together once or twice and found the staff and patrons to be agreeable. It was

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June 19th, Continued

“So, tell me more about Ireland,” the blonde said, lighting up another Marlboro 100 and absently flicking her foot over a crossed leg. “Do you have family there?” “Kind of,” I replied. “Hey. I just realized I don’t even know your name yet. I’m Dan.” I extended my hand. “Tina,” she replied, taking my hand in hers. It was warm

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Sparks Fly

We Meet

I was two-months divorced and fresh back from an amazing trip to Ireland, the night I met Tina. I’d gone to Farmington to visit one of my oldest friends to regale him with tales of my adventures, have a few drinks and laughs. It was a warm June evening and the sun was just setting. I met Donovan at the

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