Quicksand Rescue

It was one of our early dates. I’d driven out to Buffalo to spend at least a day and a night with Tina. Her mom was staying with Scott down in Farmington so we had the apartment to ourselves for the night. Tina didn’t seem to have much explored her environs and wasn’t sure where the nearest bars and restaurants

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Although I was divorced, I was temporarily still staying with my ex-wife, Jessica. I had my own bedroom and there was nothing romantic or sexual going on with my ex. It was just a roommate arrangement. She’d got the house in the divorce, so I was paying her rent to stay in my old house in Minneapolis. It was the

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June 19th, Continued

“So, tell me more about Ireland,” the blonde said, lighting up another Marlboro 100 and absently flicking her foot over a crossed leg. “Do you have family there?” “Kind of,” I replied. “Hey. I just realized I don’t even know your name yet. I’m Dan.” I extended my hand. “Tina,” she replied, taking my hand in hers. It was warm

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We Meet

I was two-months divorced and fresh back from an amazing trip to Ireland, the night I met Tina. I’d gone to Farmington to visit one of my oldest friends to regale him with tales of my adventures, have a few drinks and laughs. It was a warm June evening and the sun was just setting. I met Donovan at the

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